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Elly Tran Infomation

Tên thật: Trần Ha
Nick name : Elly
Nhóm máu: A
Ngày sinh: 06-08-1987
Chiều cao: 168cm
Cân nặng: 47kg
Số đo: 88-58-90
Nơi ở : tp Hồ Chí Minh

Real name: Tran Ha
Nick name: Elly
Blood type: A
Birthday: 08-06-1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Measures: 88:58:90
Location: Ho Chi Minh, VN


Elly Tran Ha (otherwise known as Elly Kim Hong), is a pretty Vietnamese model who recently got famous on the Internet as her photos are circulated. She is 22 years old this year (2009) and is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.


Elly was famous because good body and very low self-esteem and shy, a lot of websites and forums, Elly makes a report into a Hot Girl, her first well-known reason is because of her sexy pictures, but that she was not happy.

In a brief interview, a reporter asked her a few questions, she did not avoid, but frank answer.

Question (Q): Let us learn some things about Elly Bar! When did you find yourself a very unique?

Answer (A): probably in the 9th grade, and I first discovered the difference between others. Because with small and shy, I always try to hide it, nor dares to buy too tight-fitting clothes. Then went to junior high school third grade, after a period of time, I think we can make some of their sexy, of course, for the first time to do so will feel shy and unusual. Mother made me a better understanding of the teachings of my own, because she has a good education approach. She encouraged me to sing you can take part in more activities, or acted as moderator.

Q: We read a lot about Elly's sexy photos, that's your job according to how the like?

A: The 11-year later, in school as a ritual when the parents and students to meet Miss will be dressed in a purple dress standing on the style press gallery for their photographs as reports and pictures . And then gradually started to accept some advertising photo studio, shooting wedding pictures, games, voice, when I right that they have confidence.

 Q: Elly What is the time to find that they have been concerned about it?

A: The two and a half ago, when I saw the photo spread was so fast, when I began to feel very strange. Then, she was in some forums to see people for their comments, appraise their own. Some people against me, so I am very sad, and I thought a long time. Because they said she is difficult to reach, superior, and houses on the same. Of course like to see their comments, no matter how kind this is my job. But, as I have just stated. Heard a lot of comments, frankly I think that as long as the face and ignore the bad comments, and not to focus on these, or make their own too much pressure. To learn more or do some useful things.

Q: Now, at any time when the first reference to Elly think is sexy, Elly feel that this image of how like?

A: Before that, you know, there is a way to embody their own. Although there are many sexy pictures. Because I know what is the limit, I have set out principles for themselves, if within the principles of my photographer, I can accept the invitation.

 Q: If someone says, Elly no other strengths, only the body good?

A: One can not understand the situation no longer comment on the subjective one bar. This Is not a wild guess do? However, when you have some advantages (the appearance of superiority, but also a proud place) certainly do not deliberately hide its role. In fact, there will be some non-sexy or dressed confidential images, such as going out with friends, visiting relatives, if the shirts are always two-shorts, people are not surprised by your views.

Q: Elly you also want to become a professional singer. But the sexy image from the previous change in how you plan to set itself such an image?

A: If you want to become a professional singer, such as a well-known singer. I will make every effort to achieve my dream. Should look to build a singer's image. However, people can not lose my original impression.

Q: Many female singers have been transformed into the image of Sexy Girl, do you do?

A: There may be so, because such images can attract more audience. Beautiful and sexy is a very attractive capital. But this does not mean that in order to attract a wider audience and that over-use. Elly is the same.

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29-05-2011, 07:11 | Author: admin | Read: 48424 | Comments: 6
#1 Author: Jim (3 June 2011 05:39)
Jim said:

Super cool!
#2 Author: test (11 June 2011 07:09)
test said:

#3 Author: luis martinez (25 July 2011 19:04)
luis martinez said:

eres hermosa y sexy deseo que vengas a mi casa para poder conocerte y seas mi novia
#4 Author: tangmai singpho (14 October 2011 23:09)
tangmai singpho said:

hi dear elly, i want to play with u...!!!
#5 Author: David Ricardho (8 August 2012 07:08)
David Ricardho said:

Elly tran ha I love you :') wink
#6 Author: KhalisinMal (29 April 2014 11:43)
KhalisinMal said:

, , :)


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